Thank-you Letters from Our Victory Package Recipients


We would like to share with you three thank-you letters that we recently received from some of the recipients of our Victory Package donations. Every year we provide the charity of donating several Victory Packages, which are collections of all our educational DVDs and paper materials, to schools and other organizations in our region. Three of our 2015 charity recipients, representatives from Transylvania University, the University of Pikeville, and the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office, have already written to thank us for the donation and to tell us how they will use the materials in their organization:

From Erinn Foglesong, MS, Health, Wellness, & Counseling Services Administrative Assistant, Transylvania University:

 “Mr. Maddox,

 Thank you for your generous donation of materials!

 We will set up the information in the health and wellness center, as well as in the nurse’s office, and other high-traffic areas, for students to grab at their will, and we will also hang the posters in high traffic areas. We will use the videos as an educational tool in our lifetime fitness classes while on the topics of alcohol and drug use.

 We hope that the use of these items will bring an increase of awareness of the effects of drugs and alcohol, both long-term and short-term.”

 From Reneé T. Watson, Dean of Students, University of Pikeville:

 “The alcohol and drug education materials are a wonderful educational tool for our students. These materials are primarily used to decorate the bulletin boards, pass out literature when meeting with students when we discover the student has a substance abuse problem, and having literature to share with students in the office that they can read on their own. These materials complement our program as the University currently provides AlcoholEdu and AlcoholEdu for sanctions. These are two platforms in module form that delves into student behaviors surrounding alcohol; as well as, what steps students can take when they’re in an environment and alcohol is present. The AlcohlolEdu programs coupled with these materials provide a robust program for educating our students on this critical issue.”

 From Sheila Melton, Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office:

 “The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office provides a verity of community services to the citizens and business of Kanawha County.  The Sheriff’s Office is often asked to present to groups of adults and children the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Every couple of years it seems that the drug world come up with a new type of drug. The illicit drug world has evolved from crack cocaine, to methamphetamine, to synthetic drugs, to abuse of prescription opioids and right now the use and abuse of heroin. The materials that Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc. donated to the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office will allow us to provide hand-outs, posts and information DVD’s to citizens and groups that might need information that they can take home with them.”

 We are grateful for the opportunity to provide these donations of our educational presentations and materials, and it is our deepest hope that they will help to keep young people away from the path of substance abuse and addiction.