New Video Presentation and Board Members Needed

Drug and Alcohol Presentations is proud to announce our latest video presentation, “The Dangers of Fentanyl”. It was just released and added to our Victory Package this week.  Fentanyl is a very powerful and dangerous drug now creating havoc in our area. This deadly drug is coming into the country from China and Mexico, and is being mixed with heroin or made into pill form to mimic legitimate prescription painkillers, or sold in powdered form resembling heroin or cocaine.

We are currently looking for one or two new members for our Board of Directors. We are short two people right now. We need to get some new people and new ideas on our board so we can continue to flourish and hopefully expand our reach in our fight against substance abuse. We meet on average about once per quarter, sometimes more often if a major event is being planned. If you know of anyone who might be a good fit, please let us know. We would be happy to give them more information about us and our efforts.

David L. Cottrell
For Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc.