New Presentation, Back-to-School Sale, and New Board Member


There’s a lot going on here at Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc., and we are eager to share all our latest news with you!


New DVD Presentation

First of all, we have added a new presentation to our long list of educational DVD presentations that address issues related to substance abuse. This new presentation, written and produced by David Cottrell and narrated by Steve Davis, is called “Flakka, Yet Another Killer Drug.”

Flakka is a new street drug that is similar to synthetic, cathinone drugs like ecstasy and bath salts, and its abuse is spreading across the country. Some of its street names are “five-dollar insanity,” “gravel,” and “magic.” It comes from the khat plant grown in parts of the Middle East and Somalia, and it is a white or pink, foul-smelling crystal resembling crushed rock candy or pop rocks. Because of its appearance, authorities are concerned that children will pick it up and ingest it, thinking it is actual candy.

Flakka is highly addictive, both on a physical and a psychological level. Users can ingest flakka in a variety of ways. It can be eaten, snorted, injected, or smoked in an e-cigarette or similar device. Vaporizing it is the fastest and most effective way to use it and get it quickly into the bloodstream—and it’s also the easiest method to cause an overdose.

Flakka symptoms include hyper-stimulation, paranoia, hallucinations, violent aggression, and self-injury. Some users rip off their clothes and attack with super-human strength—if not a human target, they have been seen to attack inanimate objects such as trees or just the air; in some cases they even attempt suicide. Heart attacks are another fatal risk related to flakka abuse. Long-term effects include kidney damage or failure.


Back-to-School Special

In addition to our new presentation, we are also launching a back-to-school sale for all our DVDs and related materials. For a limited time, each DVD is only $50 (normally they are $60 each), and the Victory Package, which is the complete set of our DVDs and educational materials, is only $300 (usually $350). (This will include the flakka presentation.) You can view our products page for detailed information about the presentations on each DVD. Whether you are buying our presentations for your school, classroom, youth program, church, community, or some other setting, you will get a wealth of real-life information about drug and alcohol abuse through these presentations!


New Board of Directors Member

We are also thrilled to welcome J.K. McAtee as our newest member on the board of directors of Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc. In long-term recovery himself, J.K. holds a B.S. in business and an A.S. in insurance from Fairmont State University. He is active as a board president for Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance of West Virginia. J.K. has also recently accepted a position as the assistant program director for Peer Resource Network of West Virginia. In addition, he has remained active on the regional governor’s drug task force groups statewide.


Prayer Request for Charles Maddox

Finally, we would like to ask for your prayers and sympathy for our president, founder, and board chairman, Charles Maddox, who is facing difficult health struggles right now.

We appreciate all your support and encouragement!