Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc. Updates


Here at Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc., it’s time again for our annual charity donations, made possible by a grant from the Harper Foundation. This grant allows us to provide schools and other organizations with Victory Packages, the full collection of our DVD presentations and other educational materials related to substance abuse. Each Victory Package donation has a $350 value and is given at no cost or obligation to the recipients. Even the cost of shipping is covered. In the past, we have donated to colleges, public school systems, and healthcare organizations throughout our region, but this year our recipients will be chosen from among the larger private high schools in West Virginia. We want to thank these schools for their efforts in helping today’s youth live healthier and more productive lives, and we believe our Victory Packages will assist them in that endeavor.

In other news, we are currently looking for people to fill two open positions on the Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc. team. First, we are seeking a volunteer to serve as an additional member on our Board of Directors. Ideally, this person would have some experience with the field of substance abuse recovery and treatment. Second, we are interested in hiring someone to help us with marketing and grant applications. For more information about the work that we do, please explore our website. We also invite you to contact us at (304) 925-1565 or by email at maddoxcharles@yahoo.com.

We thank all those who support us in the work of spreading information to help save lives from the destruction of substance abuse.