What Others Say About Mr. Maddox And His Presentations

Mr. Maddox,

Thank you for the curriculum that you sent to Hancock County Schools.  The materials were distributed to the schools for our guidance and mental health counselors to use as resources for the students and parents in our district.

Have a great day.

Andrea Dulaney


Dear Mr. Maddox,

Thank you for your kindness in sending us the kit on drugs to use at our high school.  Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.  We have used this kit in all of our health and physical education classes to further education on the uses of drugs and their effect on teens.  With your help, we feel that our students have a better understanding of what drugs can do to your body and how it can affect your life.

Again, we really appreciate your gratitude and thank you for thinking of us.  Your donation of this drug kit has been very useful.


Jack Cain,
Cameron High School Principal


We have recently received our Victory Package and will be utilizing it in our freshman Health classes as part of the drug and alcohol awareness curriculum.  We have seen and are continuing to see a steady rise in drug/alcohol use and related crimes in our area and are happy to have resources to address questions that our students may have concerning specific substances that they hear about or unfortunately see being used in their homes.  We find that when students are involved in a classroom discussion that they are much more likely to ask these questions than to seek out an adult to ask in private.  We appreciate being a recipient of your materials and look forward to using them.

Megan Fuller
Assistant Principal, Head Volleyball Coach, and Head Track Coach of Hampshire High School


I enjoyed our conversation last week.  Thank you for the opportunity to receive your materials.  I know you said we were one of the chosen counties.  I looked at the website and there are so many great resources it’s hard to pick.  I would like to have the Victory Package DVDs (and pamphlets and posters).  I don’t know if we can get just one to pass around to the high schools or if we can have one per school.  If we are allowed one per school, we have five high schools.  I would also like the handouts for chemical addiction treatment and recovery that were ten dollars a set, I think.  The informational pamphlets look good as well.  I know there are so many to choose from but we have 1,851 high school students in the county.  Without actually seeing them it’s hard to say which ones we would rather have.  If you would like to pick the best ones that would be great, and the same for the posters for our five high schools. I think it’s great that we have been chosen to receive the products, however it’s a little scary because that means we have a greater need, but on behalf of Fayette county schools, we appreciate all that you’re doing.

Judy Lively
Assistant Superintendent of Fayette County Schools


Dr. Durring shared with me your generous offer to donate ten substance abuse prevention kits to Kanawha County Schools.  Thank you very much.  We have eight high schools and two career centers here in Kanawha County and the Victory Packages provided by your organization would be excellent resources for incorporating into our 9th grade health courses required for graduation to address those standards related to substance abuse and prevention.  I can see several of our high schools also making use of these materials each October during activities and lessons to promote national substance abuse prevention month.  We have also just recently begun delivering the Too Good For Drugs curriculum in three different grade levels across the county during developmental guidance, and it seems the materials you are providing may also well compliment these lessons.  Thank you again for your generous support of substance abuse prevention efforts within Kanawha County schools.

Jon Duffy
Director of Counseling and Testing, Kanawha County Schools


The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office provides a variety of community services to the citizens and business of Kanawha County.  The sheriff’s office is often asked to present to groups of adults and children the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Every couple of years it seems that the drug world come up with a new type of drug.  Thee illicit drug world has evolved from crack cocaine, to methamphetamine, to synthetic drugs, to abuse of prescription opioids and right now the use and abuse of heroin.  The materials that Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc. donated to the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office will allow us to provide hand-outs, posts and information DVD’s to citizens and groups that might need information that they can take home with them.

Sheila Metlon
Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office


The Alcohol and drug education materials are a wonderful educational tool for our students. These materials are primarily used to decorate the bulletin boards, pass out literature when meeting with students when we discover the student has a substance abuse problem, and having literature to share with students in the office that they can read on their own. These materials complement our program as the University currently provides Alcohol Edu and AlcoholEdu for sanctions. These are two platforms in module form that delves into student behaviors surrounding alcohol; as well as, what steps students can take when they’re in an environment and alcohol is present. The AlcohlolEdu programs coupled with these materials provide a robust program for educating our students on this critical issue.”

Renee’ T. Watson, Dean of Students
University of Pikeville


Mr. Maddox,

Thank you for your generous donation of materials!

We will set up the information in the health and wellness center, as well as in the nurses office, and other high-traffic areas, for students to grab at their will, and we will also hang the posters in high traffic areas.  WE will use the videos as an educational tool in out lifetime fitness classes while on the topics of alcohol and drug use.

We hope that the use of these items will bring an increase of awareness of the effects of drugs and alcohol, both long-term and short-term.

Erinn Foglesong, MS
Health, Wellness, & Counseling Services Administrative Assistant


Mr. Maddox,

Thank you for the Victory Package Donation to Clay County Schools.  We appreciate your efforts and support for the children of our state.

Joe Paxton
Clay  County Schools


Re: Use results of training aids from Drug and Alcohol Presentations

Amherst Madison purchased the video title DRUG USAGE BY TODAY’S YOUTH AND OTHERS for purposes of drug and alcohol training for our towing vessel personnel.  I was interested in obtaining the material from Drug and Alcohol Presentations, because I know Drug and Alcohol Presentations founder is passionate about educating people today about the dangers of drug addiction.  He produces with “source credibility.”  The contents in the video captured our crews’ attention and we were pleased with the results.

William R. Barr
Vice President of Safety & Compliance
Amherst Madison


​”Mr. Maddox,

The videos that were donated to Grant Country Schools have allowed our students to view drugs/alcohol abuse in a way that cannot be easily articulated in a classroom setting.  Over the course of time this will affect hundreds of our students.  Thank you so much for your donation.”

Tamera L. Gossard
Child Nutrition Director
Grant County Schools


“I would like to thank Mr. Maddox for sending the Victory Package of drug and alcohol education presentations, & pamphlets. I have put the pamphlets out in the clinic for the students. Half of the pamphlets have already been taken by students. It is wonderful to have the full color brochures available for students to get accurate information. The health teachers at UHS are reviewing the DVD’s to incorporate in their classes. I realize that this presentation information is not free. I hope the funding continues because it is of the utmost importance to educate the high school students on the facts. We are so thankful for your generosity and plan to fully implement the program at University High School in Morgantown, WV.”

Lisa Azzaro RN
School Nurse
University High School
Morgantown, WV


Thank you for offering the Victory Package to Wood Country Schools.  We appreciate the timeliness from your phone call to delivery.  We appreciate your offer and thank you for providing us materials to review.”

Christie Willis
Wood County Schools


“Thank you for the educational pamphlets, posters, and DVDs.  These materials will assist us in educating our community and teen populations.  We will be able to display the materials in our waiting area for the general public.  We will also be able to share with school nurses and take the information to our community health fairs.  Again we appreciate your assistance in helping us to strive to ensure our youth and younger population strive to live healthy lifestyles.”

Tamitha Wilkins, RN
Hampshire County Health Dept.


“Mr. Maddox,

I wanted to let you know that I received the box of materials and the posters.  Thank you for this donation.  I have reviewed the materials and will be presenting them to our school counselors and school nurses for use by students that they have contact with throughout the year.  We also plan to use them with at risk students identified through the WV Early Warning System that looks at student attendance, course performance, and discipline.

The materials you provided are very informative and pertinent to our young people.  We appreciate your efforts to reach out to youth throughout the state.  Prevention and support are important aspects for student support services in the schools and the material provided with be useful resources.


Deborah White
Director of Secondary Education
Greenbrier County Schools”



I would like to thank you for the Victory Package. Mr. Schmidl said that you requested some feedback on this information.

Some of the ways that our school can utilize this information is through our Health classes and our LINKS classes.  We could also broadcast the DVDs throughout the school on channel one.  An example of this would be during Red Ribbon Week in October.  As a counselor, I would use the various parts of this package as developmental guidance lessons.  The pamphlets could be distributed to students via classroom lessons and/or placed in the brochure racks that re in the hallways.  This is also great information to distribute during parent teacher nights.

If you need any additional information please let me know.  This is a very informative package.

Thank you,

Jane Layne
School Counselor
Preston High School (304)329-0400 ext. 483″


“I just received the information and videos that you sent to our health department.  WOW! Thank you so much. I’m excited to get these out to different areas in our community.  It was more than what I was expecting but we sure will use them.  We are a small health department with limited funding so anything like this that we can get donated, is greatly appreciated!

 Thank you for what you are doing!”

Marsha, RN, DON
Nicholas County Health Department
1 Stevens Rd
Summersville, WV 26651


“To whom it may concern, 

As a former practicing community pharmacist and current national pharmacy association executive, I’ve seen the terrible effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, and all too often, we see it as parents and concerned citizens as well, as these problems affect almost every family in America at some point or another.  Despite major efforts by government, health professions, law enforcement, and public health officials, we lose too many young people to this scourge every day. But it doesn’t have to be this way, so we must continue to educate. The work that Chick Maddox throws himself into is important for the education of our young people. I wish him great success as he tells his own story.


Tom Menighan”

Thomas E. Menighan, BSPharm, MBA, ScD (Hon), FAPhA
Executive Vice President and CEO
American Pharmacists Association
2215 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20037
202 429-7567


“Dear Mr. Maddox,

The Drug and Alcohol Presentation materials have been received, thank you.  The instructors were very appreciative of these materials and will be using them to supplement their Health curriculum.

Please keep us in mind with regard to future projects and available resources.

Thank you,

Troy Ravenscroft, M. Ed.
Assistant Superintendent

Grant County Schools”


We have received the kits. Our schools feel there will be a multitude of uses in a variety of classes such as science, social studies, PE, and health. We would like information for the possible purchase of another kit. We received 3 and have four high schools. Purchasing another kit would allow each school to have their own kit without sharing.



-Dennis Albright, Wetzel County Schools

Charles Maddox replied:

Dear Dennis -

    I’m pleased to know that you are finding the kits useful in your high schools, and I’m happy that you would like to obtain an additional kit for your fourth high school.

    Just today I received an email from a school that does not want the kit we offered; therefore, I will be sending that unclaimed kit to you for use in Wetzel County Schools. The grant will cover the cost for this additional kit, so there is no cost to your school system. I’ll put that in the mail to you in the next few days.

Charles Maddox”


Dear Mr. Maddox,

Hardy County Schools did receive the materials you sent regarding drug and alcohol prevention.  We distributed the materials to our schools upon their arrival to be used as resources for our teachers and counselors when working with students in these areas.  We appreciate the support of your organization in providing us with these materials to support the efforts of our schools to help our students remain drug and alcohol free.

We would appreciate your continued support of Hardy County School through providing your materials to our schools.


Barbara Whitecotton


“ Mr. Charles “Chick” Maddox, Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc. has graciously provided a set of dvd presentations for use with students in prevention programming. Contributions such as this are essential to the continued prevention effort across our state’s and nation’s public and private schools. Mr. Maddox has our continued admiration for his efforts and contribution to Jackson County Schools. “

-Janet L. Murray, Director of Federal Programs, Jackson County Schools

“ After reviewing the videos provided, Roane County High School feels much better equipped to address the issues of underage alcohol and tobacco use. Thank you so much for providing this information to our school. “

-Mitchell Nida, Principal Roane County High School

“ Mr. Charles Maddox’s presenation on drug and alcohol provide surprising statistics and valid points. Many individuals fail to realize that drug and alcohol addication alter the brain’s chemistry and basic functioning and therefore no one is excluded from risk of addiction if sufficiently exposed. The earlier individuals have used drugs and alcohol, the more risk they have of detrimental, lifelong consequences. Teenagers are particularly vulnerable as their pre-frontal cortexes do not fully develop until approximately age 25. That means that they may be less likely to fully grasp long-term consequences of immediate behaviors. As a result, they need to hear the hard facts. As Mr. Maddox states, even moderate alcohol use, like one drink per day, increases the chances of several types of cancer. Teenagers need exposure to empirically sound research on drug and alcohol effects. Thank you, Mr. Maddox, for gathering research on drug and alcohol use for the teenage population.“

-Lauren Smith, Family Resource Network, Pocohantas County, Marlington, WV

“ We have reviewed materials you sent us on drugs and alcohol. The presentations were well-researched and had a wealth of good information. However, the delivery may not be engaging to a typical teenager. We will be sharing your presentations with the Prevention Coalition who will work in the entire community on drug and alcohol abuse prevention and may find a better audience for your presentation. Thank you sharing! “

- Marian Wright, Program Director, Pocohantas County Family Outreach and Education Center, Marlinton, WV

“Because drug and alcohol abuse are so prevalent in our society, it is important for students to know the repercussions. Through his powerful introduction to the presentation, Mr. Maddox gains viewer attention right away. The information he presents is both meaningful and easy to understand. Mr. Maddox is passionate about his work and you can tell through his preperation and presentations. College students can glean something from the information presented on these DVDs.

- Linda Carter, Dean of student Life, University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY

“First of all, I want to thank you for the two CDs on Chemical Addiction and Youth Issues. These CDs will be very beneficial for our health teachers as they talk about drugs and alcohol. We all know that alcohol and drug are depressants that change people’s moods, minds and abilities to think clearly. Young people never see themselves as one of those people. Drugs and alcohol ruins their lives and sometimes ends their lives and these CDs are really important as we attempt to reach young people. Thanks again for sharing these lesson with us.

-Damon Hanshaw, Assistant Superintendent, Nicholas County Schools

“Chick Maddox presents an informative and accurate presentation on alcohol and other drugs. He also has experienced the personal pain of addiction and speaks from the heart.“

- Chris Austin, Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

“Thanks for the DVD’s on your Drug and Alcohol presentations. The power point presentations were very informative and well thought out. Drug use and addiction is a major problem in our society, your presentations certainly allow poeple to think of the dangers associated with and after the use of both legal and illegal drugs. Thanks for taking time to share eye-opening stories associated with the misuse of drugs.“

- Ron Damron, V.P. for Student Services, University of Pikeville, Pikeville, KY

“Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to recommend Mr. Charles Maddox’s presentations which address two topics: “Chemical Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery”, and “Drug Usage by Today’s Youth.” Both presentations are hour long DVD’s which address these sensitive topics with facts, examples, and experiences to dissuade others from falling into the snare of alcoholism or drug addiction. The consequences of these behaviors are devastating to one’s life. These presentations are shared in a manner which is dignified and respectful, and that is why I have decided to purchase them to share with our college orientation classes at New River Community College, Dublin, VA. If you are seeking a current presentation that addresses the topic of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery, you will find a very good option here at a reasonable price.


Benjamin G. Dramer, Activities Counselor, New River Coummunity College, Dublin, VA“

“Charles Maddox has put together an accurate, fact-filled workshop suitable for all audiences in an effort to prevent abuse.“

- Mike Vetter, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, Transylvania University, Lexington, KY

“Dear Mr. Maddox

Thank you for the chemical addiction and recovery presentation you did for the sutdents of Alice Lloyd College and the June Buchanan School. You provided these students with a very technical and thoroughly researched vast amount of information. We were in awe of the number of handouts and brochures you had to address the various aspects of chemical addictions and the importance of how Christianity is to overcoming addictions. Your conviction to educate others on the perils of chemical abuse is commendable. Again, thank you for your time and presentation to educate our students on avoiding a life of chemical addiction.


Janet Johnson, Director of Career Services/Convocation Programs, Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, KY.“

“Chick Maddox spoke to our Charleston Toastmaster’s Club on March 16th, 2011 and showed a clear enthusaism and a passionate belief for the work he does. He have some good examples. One of a yount man who came to him needing help for crack addiction and alcoholism who had lost his wife and custody of his children and who was about to lose his business. After working the twelve step program with Alcoholic’s Anonymous, that Chick helped him with, the young man was able to remarry, regain partial custody of his children, and the leadership of his company. Chick also spoke of the bad things that can happen to you if you use drugs or drink alcohol, that 4,000 teens commit suicide every year, and 35,000 die from drug overdoses. He spoke with a very clear and resonate voice and in my opinion is a very caring human being dedicated to making the world a better place.“

- Tom Smith, President Charleston Toastmaster’s Club, Charleston, WV

“I had the pleasure of attending a presentation on chemical addictions by Charles Maddox on September 20, 2010 at Village Chapel Presbyterian Church. I was struck by the scientific depth and fluidity of the presentation which clearly has great appeal to a varied audience. Mr Maddox is a master of communication and an expert in a field which needs bona fide experts. He clearly added to my knowledge base and I will use him as a resource in the future. He is a voice that needs to be heard in our frustration with the ‘war on drugs.’”

- Ira A. Morris, MD

“Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to attend your presentation. It has been quite some time since I received any Drug & Alcohol education. In my clinical practice as a Registered Nurse I encounter patients from time to time who are dealing with drug & alcohol addictions. At the conclusion of the presentation I felt I had a better understanding of this topic which in turn will enhance my ability to effectively care for my patients dealing with drug & alcohol addictions.”

- Jan Bussey, RN

“I witnessed a powerful example of grace on Sunday afternoon, September 12, 2010, as Chick Maddox led a program on “Ridding Your Mind of Negative Thoughts” and performed a variety of songs with members of his band.


God’s grace, of course, is undeserved, unconditional, and unlimited:

Grace explains why God loves us despite our many flaws and repeated failures. Chick was not shy in admitting his flaws and failures or expressing his gratitude for God’s love.

Grace stands in the gap when our best efforts are not enough – for example when we are trying to replace negative thoughts with what Paul, in Philippians 4:8, calls, “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable”.

And imitating God’s grace motivates people to share their gifts unselfishly, patiently, and lovingly, simply because it brings blessing to others – as the band did that day, perhaps most clearly as Ron Sowell sang, “Amazing Grace”.

I saw all these sides to grace that Sunday afternoon thanks to Chick’s presence at Village Chapel Presbyterian Church.”

- Rev. Dr. Todd Wright

“If there is anyone who knows the harsh realities of how drugs and alcohol can derail a person’s life, it is Charles Maddox. He had it all, or so it seemed, until his life fell apart due to substance abuse. Ultimately, he found hope through Jesus Christ. That is the message he brought to Mountain Mission School on October 28, 2010.”

- Mark Hood, Principal, Mountain Mission School, Grundy, VA

“Dear Mr. Maddox, thank you so much for your gift of a book on Sam Snead for our library. We also appreciate your coming to visit our campus and addressing the student body for an assembly program. Best wishes in your speaking career.”

- Cynthia S. Rudda, President, Mountain Mission School, Grundy, VA

“Mr. Charles “Chick” Maddox has spent many hours discussing and scheduling drug and alcohol presentations in preparation and follow up to delivering these in schools. Mr. Maddox delivered a well-prepared factual Powerpoint presentation on the dangers of substance abuse to select Ravenswood High School students on November 20, 2009. His real life experience enhances his delivery to heighten student interest. Jackson County Schools appreciates such selfless donation of time and expertise for this important work. Effort such as this is appreciated and worthy of comment.”

- Janet L. Murray, Director of Federal Programs, Jackson County Schools

“Mr. Charles Maddox came to Midland Trail High School on November 9, 2009 and gave a presentation to the student body on drugs and alcohol and the effects of abusing these drugs. Prior to coming to Midland Trail, he sent numerous pamphlets for the students to have access to for informational purposes. The information presentation was educational for our students.


Midland Trail wishes to express our appreciation to Mr. Maddox for coming to our school. Best wishes to you on your endeavors in educating our young people.”

- Diane Blume, Principal, Midland Trail High School

“Good luck and best wishes for continued success with your program. Happy Thanksgiving.”

- Phil Wright, Attorney at Law, Charleston, WV

“Dear Chick, I learned a lot from your presentations and will pass what I learned onto others. Best wishes to you as you continue your work. The introductions on why you present this information is powerful. As you relate your own journey I thought of the quote ‘the messenger is the message.’ Chick, congratulations on all your hard work, determination, and persistance.”

- Judy Wilkenson, PhD

“Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to educate our students on drug and alcohol abuse. The students were very interested in what you had to say and the information was very helpful. As always it has been a pleasure in having you at our school. Keep the faith and keep up the good job.”

- Melanie Vickers, Program Chair, Everest Institute, Cross Lanes, WV

“Thank you for speaking to our Fresh Start Group at New Connections for the third consecutive year. Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction indirectly impacts the youth we serve on a daily basis. It was very kind of you to bring your energy and expertise to our group. I am also aware that you left information for other youth who were unable to attend your presentation. It is important for all of us to address substance use and abuse issues. Thank you for being a resource and taking time to meet with our students, residents, and staff. You perform a valuable service and what you do has an impact on some of the most vulnerable people in our community. All of us benefit from the information you provide.”

- Wayne Bailey, MA, CRT, LSW, Director of Homeless Services, Daymark, Inc.

“Thank you for coming to our school. Your presentation was much appreciated. It was full of good information; I appreciate your efforts with our children.”

- Philip R. Dobbins, Principal, Clay County High School

“This letter is in regards to Charles Maddox and his drug awareness program. He attended our school this year and did a presentation for our school. Mr. Maddox has a true heart for young people and has dedicated his life to helping them make better choices toward their future. Mr. Maddox gave real life examples of how drugs and alcohol destroyed his life. There is no doubt that Mr. Charles Maddox cares for the young people in today’s world. If you have any questions regarding Mr. Maddox’s program, feel free to contact me any time.”

- William Cottrill, Principal, Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School

“I recently assisted Mr. Charles “Chick” Maddox in delivering a chemical addiction, treatment, and recovery presentation to my Sunday School class at First Presbyterian Church of Charleston, WV. Although I have known Mr. Maddox for several years and he has willingly shared his story of his challenges and recovery, I had not heard this formal presentation until that time. I was moved by his account of loss, both of opportunity and health, through substance abuse and his struggles toward recovery. His willingness to hold himself up as a warning of the dangers of substance abuse is a credit to himself. I would recommend this presentation to audiences needing information on chemical addiction or to certain at-risk populations. ”

- Douglas B. Chambers, First Presbyterian Church of WV

“The speaking engagement at Bluefield State College with Mr. Maddox was very enlightening to my students. His life experiences made the talk very realistic. The students loved his life experiences and the information he gave them. I would recommend him to any group for a speaking engagement.”

- Sandra Wynn, MSN, RN, APRN-BC, Director of Associate Degree Nursing, Bluefield State Colllege, Bluefield, WV

“Chick Maddox has a great presentation on Drug and Alcohol Prevention. It is informative, relevant, and effective. His presentation has the ability to make college students aware of the dangers of addiction. I found his format very insightful and would highly recommend him.”

- Carolyn Kirby, Student Services Specialist, Bluefild State College, Bluefield, WV

“Dear Chick, thanks for your efforts at educating young folks on the downsides of drugs and alcohol. I know if Stephan Walker is involved it must be a good thing. Keep the faith!”

- Richard C. Sinclair, President, COO, Jefferds Corp.

“Dear Chick, best wishes to you and your corporation! Its very valuable work you are doing.”

- Otis O’Conner, Attorney at Law, Retired

“Mr. Chick Maddox came to Summersville High School in Nickolas County on 12/16 and 12/17/08. He gave a splendid presentation to our Health students about Alcohol and Drug abuse and difficulties he experienced. The presentation was very informative. He covered several areas of concern. The students asked questions and really appreciated him coming!”

- Mr. Larry Davenport, Physical Education and Health Teacher, Summersville High School, WV

“I have had the opportunity to observe the presentations presented by chick Maddox on substance abuse and dependence and found the content to be very educational. I feel that the content of the presentations would benefit all age groups.”

- Pernell McCoy, MA, CAC, LPC, WV State Community and Technical College, Institute, WV

“Hi Chick. I just wanted to thank you again for allowing me to augment your presentation at the University of Charleston last week with my musical selections. Wishing you continued success!”

- Jim Snyder, Jim Snyder Music

“Thank you for speaking to our Fresh Start Group at New Connections. Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction indirectly and directly impact the youth we serve on a daily basis. It was very kind of you to bring your energy and experience to our group. I am also aware that you left information for other youth that were unable to attend your presentation. It is important for all of us to address substance use and abuse issues. Thank you for being a resource and taking time to meet with our students, residents and staff. You perform a valuable service and what you do has an impact on some of the most vulnerable people in our community. All of us benefit from the information you provide.”

- Wayne Bailey MA, CRT, LSW, Director of Homeless Services Daymark

“I want to salute you for the wonderful service that you provide to WV with your presentations targeted to our youth. With your presentations and personal stories regarding alcohol and drug abuse, the students are very impressed by your work, your mission, and commitment to educate the youth in WV on the dangers of addiction. Your stories are indeed fascinating and I join others in congratulating and saluting you for the positive impact that you have had on many individuals and groups who hear your message. Thank you for your personal testimony and hard work about alcohol and drugs and the effect that they can have on a person’s life. Your story is compelling and your personal testimony is a very important part of your youth program.”

- H. Truman Chafin, Senate Majority Leader, Charleston, WV

“I am delighted to recommend Mr. Charles “Chick” Maddox to any high school or college facility wishing to augment the curriculum or wanting to get the addiction message across to students. Mr. Maddox’s presentations and personal stories were a welcome addendum to our syllabus. The students particularly enjoyed open discussion and having a recovered person present to address theories and issues. The students were also impressed by Mr. Maddox’s mission and commitment to educate the youth in West Virginia on the dangers of addiction. Mr. Maddox is very well informed and was open to the students and myself. I recommend his presentations to any school or college wishing to open discourse on addictions and recovery – it may save a life!”

- Renee Stringfellow, Professor Community Behavioral Health Technology, WV State Community and Technical College

“Chick Maddox does a wonderful service for our region with his presentations targeted to our youth concerning drug and alcohol abuse. Chick Maddox is a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser and he describes how his addiction crippled his life and early ambitions. From a straight ‘A’ student and award winning athlete, to a derelict drunk and “druggie”, his story is fascinating. Walker machinery believes that his presentations have, and will continue to have, an impact on the respective individuals of the groups who hear his message.”

- D. Stephen Walker, President and Chief Operating Officer, Cecil I. Walker Machinery Company

“Your work to help us battle the abuse of drugs and alcohol is appreciated. Drugs and alcohol have devastating effects on our citizens and their families. We wish you the best in future endeavors.”

- Chief Brent Webster, Charleston, WV Police Department

“Mr. Charles “Chick” Maddox has spent many hours discussing and scheduling drug and alcohol presentations in preparation and follow-up to delivering these in our schools. Mr. Maddox delivered a well prepared factual PowerPoint presentation on the dangers of substance abuse to select Ripley High School students in mid April of 2008. He is working with principals at two other sites to deliver presentations at those schools in the fall of 2008. His real life experiences enhanced the delivery to heighten student interest. Jackson county schools appreciate such selfless donation of time and expertise for this important work. Efforts such as this are appreciated and worthy of comment.”

- Janet L. Murray, Director of Federal Programs, Jackson County Schools.

“Mr. Chick Maddox came to our school to present to the student body, almost 500 students. His presentation was very informative, namely because he related his life choices to our students. Several told me later that his talk had made them think about their life choices as well. I was impressed with how he captured our students attention and had them thinking about making good choices in everyday life.”

- James L. Howard, Principal, Collins Career Center, Lawrence County Joint Vocational School District, Chesapeake, OH

“The information provided by Mr. Maddox was very informative, up-to-date, and held the attention of our students. In fact, the seniors listened so intently that you could hear a pin drop. I believe they recognized that Mr. Maddox was speaking from the heart, telling his own story. Events in his life – sports, a band, college, cars – parallel so closely to their own lives. He truly wants to make a positive impact on their lives.”

- Anne F. Wheeler, Associate Director of Curriculum, Collins Career Center, Chesapeake, OH

“Thank you for your powerful, personal testimony about the effect alcohol and drugs have had on your life. Your witness to the higher power that brought you to sobriety is very compelling to both adults and adolescents. We have been blessed at St. Matthews to have you come twice in the last two years to speak. Your witness is an important component of our youth program.”

- The Rev. William Carl Thomas, Director, St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Charleston, WV

“We greatly appreciate the attention you gave our students today during your presentations. You had such an effect on the student body! Not only did their attention show improvement, but their communication with regard to difficult topics showed improvement as well. Many students made positive remarks after your presentation. Speaking to high school students presents challenges for you, but let me stress how well you performed and kept our students motivated. Good luck in your future presentations. Your work at Tug Valley High School is greatly appreciated.”

- Ramond D. Clagg, Principal, Tug Valley High School, Williamson, WV, Mingo County

“Chick Maddox, president of Drug and Alcohol Presentations Incorporated, is knowledgeable about the lifestyle because he has lived it (drug and alcohol culture). He cares about today’s youth and wants to prevent as many people from going down the same path as he did. ”

- Sandra Manning, Principal, Mann High School, Mann, WV, Logan County

“Both our middle school and high school students enjoyed listening to Mr. Maddox’s personal experiences regarding the effects of substance abuse. Upon further discussion with the students, I believe that the program had a profound impact about the dangers and consequences of substance abuse. I would highly recommend Mr. Maddox’s program to secondary school students.”

- Kathryn Moore, Principal, Van Junior-Senior High School, Boone County

“Dear Chick, I was so glad to hear from you and glad you are doing so well. In your presentations I would only ask that you give God the glory for freeing you from the bondage of alcohol and drugs. Price God!”

- Herbert E. Maxey, Attorney at Law, Buckingham, Virginia (I do, Herb. Signed: Chick)

“A vote of confidence and a statement of appreciation for what you are doing with young people. Best wishes and godspeed!”

- Lee Carroll, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA

“Mr. Maddox’s presentation was comprehensive, yet understandable to the students. It covered the bio-physiological underpinnings of drug abuse through the effects and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse/dependance. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Maddox as a professional speaker on this topic.”

- Paula Reilley Ph.D, Associate Professor of Nursing, WV State Community and Technical College

“His presentation draws from real life experiences which further enhances the realization of what can happen with drugs and alcohol use. Mr. Maddox’s presentation is an educational experience for students of all ages, particularly young teenagers. I would recommend Mr. Maddox’s presentation to any group or organization dealing with young adults in today’s society.”

- Judith Whipkey, Program Director, College 101, WV State Community and Technical College

“Hundreds of young people have now had the opportunity to hear first hand about the devastation that substance abuse can cause in a life.”

- Sandra Hamlin, Executive Director, Religious Coalition for Community Renewal

“Chick Maddox is a man of integrity, honesty, and devotion. He is devoted to providing teenagers with the knowledge and motivation to avoid the pitfalls related to drugs and alcohol. His story alone is enough to make teens consider avoiding a life of drugs and alcohol.”

- Allen E. Halley, Principal of Sherman High School, Seth, WV, Boone County

“Mr. Maddox was very knowledgeable on the topic. The students enjoyed having him here and seemed to get a lot out of the presentation. We would highly recommend him to speak to college aged students.”

- Melanie Vickers, Student Service Coordinator, Everest Institute, Cross Lanes, WV

“It is individuals like you that create wonderful opportunities for our children and I support your endeavors immensely. I wish you the very best of luck and please do not hesitate to contact me if there is ever anything else that I can do to help you in any way.”

- Gale C. Manchin, First Lady of West Virginia

“I had the pleasure of assisting Chick Maddox in his presentations on July 9, 2007 at the Kanawha City Community Center. Chick presented on drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, followed by a presentation on prevention and treatment. Both presentations were well received by those attending. Hopefully Chick’s presentations will keep some of these youth on the right ‘ track. They were informative and enlightening and highly recommended.”

- John K. Kuyk, D.D.S., Practice limited to endodontics

“Mr. Maddox talks to the students for an hour in which he amazingly manages to hold the students attention.”

- Annette Olenchick, Health Teacher and Coach, Sissonville High School

“Chick’s story of his personal experience with substance abuse as a young adult is engaging. Please consider including Chick in your youth and young adult program.”

- Lloyd Miller, Architect, N Visions, Inc.

“I certainly encourage those in charge to fully grant this program. The use and abuse of alcohol and drugs is a never-ending battle.”

- Ann Meredith Conley, Retired Teacher, Nitro High School

“I highly recommend and sincerely hope that Charles Maddox will continue to volunteer his services to our students here and others in the county.”

- John Miller, Retired Science Teacher, St. Albans High School

“I would like to compliment Chick Maddox on his presentation about drug and alcohol abuse. Chick always does a fine job in presenting facts and cases where drugs and alcohol almost ruined his life. He is very entertaining, very personal, and brings out the facts about drugs and alcohol.”

- Ralph Hensley, Teacher and Coach, Riverside High School

“He talks to you from his heart, because he knows the pressure on you. He knows that you think this stuff cannot really hurt someone like you, and he wants you to know what could happen.”

- Paul Frampton, Local Attorney