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Claiborne H Coyle


Tel: 941 497 1183


To Whom it may concern:


It is a privilege and honor to write this personal recommendation for Chick Maddox and his Corporation, Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc.


I have known Chick for over fifty five years as we grew up together in Charleston, WV. We attended the same schools, had many of the same friends, and shared many activities together including the Cub Scouts, Church, and after school sports activities. Chick was a clear and popular leader of his peers and was a first rate student.


Chick and I lost contact for many years as I went away from Charleston to attend the Woodberry Forest School in Virginia. I was not with Chick during his High School yyears at George Washington. I went on to Williams College while Chick was at Hampden Sydney and Morris Harvey College. Although we did not have direct communication during these times I heard stories from family and friends that Chick was having difficulties, that he had been injured and that he was struggling with substance abuse. This saddened and confused me as I knew Chick to be an intelligent and fundamentally good person with many talents and interests. I did not reach out to Chick at that time as I was busy with my own life far from WV and my Charleston connections had grown pretty thin. i did see Chick on rare occasions during visists to my familyin Charleston and could see that he had fallen on hard times and was faced with the challenges of recovery from addiction.


Life offers us many twists and turns as we go along and it is up to each of us to make what progress we can towards the good no matter what difficulties confront us or how hard the journey. My family suffered a huge tragedy in 2002 and I felt pretty lost and empty for a while. One of the positive outcomes of that incident, however, was that I discovered that lost friends could be found again and that lives once disconnected could be reunited. It was my Grandfather, the right honorable Governor Homer Holt who taught me that the good in every man or woman never dies and that redemption can be had by all. He taught me to be honest with others and with myself, to respect those around me, to work hard for what I believe in and to rtust that God will provide as needed. Somehow in my own journey through discomfor and loss I have reconnected with Chick and found him to be a great comfort and teacher. I count him as a long time trusted friend and see that he is living today much as my Grandfather counseled me to live.


Chick demonstrates in his work, in his devotion to the Church, and in his contacts with his friends that he has a great deal of honesty, courage and integrity. Those traits are what set him apart as a young man and they are what I applaud in him today. He has overcome his adversities and is reaching out to the community at large to share his story and his truths with all who listen. Chick has made a courageous choice to use his life’s experiences to help others and I support him whole heartedly in his endeavors.


It is my hope that you too will offer to Chick Maddox and Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc. what support you can so that he may continue to reach out and help those in need of his wisdom and experience.




Claiborne H Coyle


Senator Dan Foster


To Whom it may concern:


I have gotten to know Chick Maddox over the last couple of years. Chick has a most interesting life story and has fought back from some very difficult situations. He has clearly dedicated his life to educating others about the challenges he found with substance abuse and, from all indications, is having an impact in our community and region.


Having only known Chick for such a relatively short time, I have a personal understanding of what he has experienced, but have only learned from others of his years of struggle. He presents an inspiring story of rehabilitation, regrowth, and renewal and has shown an unusual willingness to share what he has learned with our vulnerable youth.


The issues of substance abuse that Chick is addressing and with which he hopes to make a difference are sadly increasing and clearly affect the explosion in the school dropout rate, the need for mental health services, and the size of the prison population. I admire his persistence in the face of often challenging odds in spreading his message and wish him well.


Sen. Dan Foster, M.D.


Congress of the United States House of Representative Washington, D.C. 20515-4802


March 1, 2011


Dear Chick


It is with great regret that I can not attend your April event; however, my duties in Washington, D.C. preclude me from being there with you on such a very special evening.


Drug and alcohol abuse prevade our cities, schools, and neighborhoods. Addiction wreaks havoc on thousands of lives each day. Families are torn apart and lives are ruing by alcohol and drug abuse. This is why programs like Drug and Alcohol Presentations Inc. are so very critical to today’s society. By working with both healthcare profressionals and those seeking recovery, Chick has successfully combined his own experiences and scientific studies to help aid all those in the journey to sobriety.


Chick brings true understanding and credibility to the program as he himself has battled addiction firsthand. This credibility as well as an unyielding faith is what helps so many through the journey to recovery. It is this spirit of faith and devotion that we all must embrace and remember in every aspect of our lives.


I applaud Charles “Chick” Maddox as a leader, a mentor, and a great citizen of West Virginia and for the extensive work he has done with respect to alcohol and drugs abuse in our communities and our state as a whole. I salute everybody connected with Drug and Alcohol Presentations Inc. God Bless.




Shelley Moore Capito, M. C.


The Senate of West Virginia


Charleston, WV


Brookes F. McCabe, Jr.


Finance (Vice Chair)

Banking & Insurance

Economic Development

Government Organization

Natural Resources


To Whom it May Concern:


This letter is in support of a grant application you received from Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc., a West Virginia non-profit corporation located in Charleston. It’s CEO is Charles (Chick) Maddox, who lives in Charleston. I have known Mr. Maddox since we attended Junior High School together in the 1960s.


Mr. Maddox’s organization focuses on drug and alcohol education and Christian theology to prevent teenage and young adult addiction. He speaks to students at high schools and colleges, church youth groups, churches and other similar venues in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and parts of Virginia and North Carolina.


His story is a compelling one. From early childhood he has lived in West Virginia. In high school he was a star athlete with championship titles in tennis, table tennis, golf, and basketball. He was an excellent student and student government leader. In college he was a State Champion tennis player three years straight at Morris Harvey College, now the University of Charleston. He would have gone into medicine, dentistry, or perhaps even earned a PhD in chemistry, but his world fell apart due to alcohol and drug usage. He is recovered, retired and now spends his time speaking to people about his experience and drug and alcohol education. He also does his own research and study, and has worked with healthcare professionals and other recovering addicts. In July of 2008, Mr. Maddox was awarded the Certificate of Commendation from the Secretary of State of West Virginia. His organization is seeking this grant to assist with a continuance of his work in alcohol and drug prevention. I urge your consideration and approval of this grant request.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.




Senator Brooks F. McCabe, Jr.


WV State Senate – 17th District




1592 Washington Street East


Suite 2


Charleston, WV 25311


Dear Mr. Maddox,


I was very pleased with the information that you provided to several of the youth that we serve and members of my staff. The hour and one half that you provided for them gave many examples of the problems related to youth experiencing drugs and alcohol that appears to come from so many sources.


My concern about having the program related very much to the types of things that you have experienced. It was extremely clear from your presenation that as a young growing youth, you were moving strongly toward a wonderful experience as a young man. For example, you talked about an exceptional athlete and well recognized student in college. Then, after becoming involved with drugs and alcohol, you made it clear to the youth listening how your life changed. The fact was that after demonstrating the wonderful strength and abilities that you displayed as a student moving up into college, you were able to provide and acquire a special consideration from staff that appeared to make you a leading person moving into adulthood. However, the result of your involvement with drugs and alcohol so massively affected you that your body and life changed.


Your presentation of this was incredibly helpful to the youth that we are serving. Most of them are already aware of the availability of drugs, alcohol, and inappropriate prescriptions from doctors. Not only are they aware of their ability to purchase such bad things, but they know how to remove them from parents and other relatives. Although they are aware of the possibility of such things causing them major problems with their health, even the possibility of it killing them, these young people often take the chance of experiencing such things simply for the reason to join other youth in a crazed position.


By listening to you Mr. Maddox, the youth were given the opportunity to see how somone like you, with all of the possibilities of a major meaningful life, could give it all up by turning to the use of things that would break down their bodies and dispose of the chances of living a good and meaningful life in adulthood. In this time of such great problems, not only in West Virginia but throughout the country, it is very important for our youth to be provided with such information. On behalf of the youth and staff at Daymark, I very much have appreciated the information that you have made available to us.




Dennis L. Pease


Executive Director




Matt Rugh


During the time in which I was a resident of Charleston (2002-2010), I had the pleasure to attend several presentations given by Charles “Chick” Maddox. I found them all to be professionally prepared and extremely informative. One that I especially enjoy was his presentation entitled “Drug and Alcohol Usage by Today’s Youth and Others.” I was particularly impressed by Chick’s commitment to “spreading the word” regarding many inevitable pitfalls associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Chick strives to spread his “message” to communities throughout a large multistate area. I highly recommend this presentation and believe it would be valuable to learning institutions, civic groups, and other interested parties. Hopefully, Chick’s goal of greatly reducing the number of victims that fall prey to these types of abuse will continue to be realized. I truly believe that thanks to his efforts numerous people have made the correct personal decisions regarding drugs and alcohol and they have steered away from the substances and the end result is that their full potential for a productive life has not been compromised.


Matt Rugh – Friend and former resident of Charleston, WV