Mission Statement

This corporation is organized and is to be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes through the provision of education programs, addressing the problems of drug and alcohol abuse, its treatment and recovery options to high schools., colleges, universities, and other schools, churches, the community, and other like venues with particular issues concerning the same. The corporation has been operating since July 2007.

Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc.’s president, founder, and COO, Charles Maddox, is a drug and alcohol educator, well qualified, who has good credentials and who conducts seminars on DVD to large groups across the United States in high schools, colleges, and universities to educate young people about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Mr. Maddox has recovered from drug addiction and alcoholism in his own life and is well respected in the field and by his peers. Mr. Maddox uses his real life experiences, factual information, and personal observations when presenting.

His life experiences span the gulf from being a Dean’s List student in college and graduate school, star athlete and student government leader, to becoming institutionalized many times and spending many years in recovery because of the effect of drugs and alcohol.

While Charles Maddox and Drug and Alcohol Presentations, Inc. supplements the good work being done in the schools and by the police DARE program, the program these groups offer sometimes fall on deaf ears. Mr. Maddox, through his real life experiences, is able to bridge that gap. He is an expert and leader in the field.

The corporation is funded by solicited funds and grant money which is used to pay for seminar and large group expenses and materials. Further information can be found in the Articles of Incorporation.

Mr. Maddox will tell you himself that he has seen too many destroyed lives and wrecked families to ever want to drool and vomit on himself or get into a car wreck or get a DUI or be thrown in jail or be institutionalized or ruin someone else’s life or get busted or pass out and miss all the fun and call that a good time.