Who is at risk when drugs and alcohol are abused?

How powerful are the addictive forces hidden in the abuse of drugs and alcohol?

Can the danger and destruction of drug and alcohol abuse be overcome?

At Drug and Alcohol Presentations Inc. we believe the answer to this question is yes. Our president, founder and chairman of the board, Mr. Charles F. Maddox II, is living proof. After being introduced to drugs and alcohol and becoming addicted at an early age, Mr. Maddox spent forty years suffering the effects of abuse.

In October, 2014 he celebrated 17 years completely and totally drug and alcohol free and wants others to enjoy life as he has since 1997 – free from the bondage of addiction and abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Presentations Inc. produces and offers presentations designed for use in seminar and classroom settings, ideal for use in high schools, colleges, youth groups and other like venues.

Presentations are designed to help viewers better understand and appreciate the potential harm these substances present to themselves and others, and to provide tools for victory over drug and alcohol abuse. Presentations are updated regularly to ensure they contain recent information.

Presentations are all on DVD and are well-illustrated. They are all approximately 45 minutes long to fit neatly within a typical class schedule.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are not the sort of essential problems that engender much sympathy. We as a society are willing to send millions to help victims of natural disasters around the world, but we give precious little to help prevent the scourge of drug addiction and alcoholism which destroys tens of thousands of lives every year. Addicts and alcoholics are perhaps less sympathetic objects than the victims of natural disasters but there suffering and and those of there families are no less real. We are hoping to get the opportunity to help save some young people from having to walk the road that I and many other recovering people have had to walk.

We hope to continue building so that we can give the young people the opportunity to make the right choice when it comes to drugs and alcohol all over the continental United States.
It is a time when our young people are making decisions. Lets make sure they make the right ones. I work very hard. I know we all do. I will continue to work as hard as I have to until the job I was given is completed or at least until I have made a significant contribution.
For a personal appearance by Mr. Maddox to give his youth program at your church or to schedule seminars at his Charleston office, please contact:

Drug and Alcohol Presentations Inc.
731a Central Avenue
Charleston, WV 25302

Telephone: 304-925-1565
Fax: Call above number, and Mr. Maddox will leave the line open to send a fax.
Email: maddoxcharles@yahoo.com

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